Helping You Manage Difficult Times In Life

Our Spring, Texas, firm knows that divorce is just as much a beginning as it is an end. As a set of rules for your family to follow moving forward, the divorce agreement merits attention from a legal professional.

Many people, however, make the mistake of going it alone. They do not understand the gravity of the agreement they are about to enter, particularly as the divorce agreement will affect their children.

What We Can Do For You

Rather than leave these matters to chance, you want an experienced legal professional in your corner. With more than ten years of experience as a lawyer, attorney Amy Adkins knows what to look for in a divorce and how to help you protect your rights in a variety of divorce-related situations, including:

  • Spousal support calculations and related determinations
  • Property and asset division, including luxury items and land
  • Retirement accounts such as IRA and 401(k)

Also like many people, you may be worried that a lawyer will cost too much. We understand your position and, for that reason, make it possible in many cases for you to retain us for only particular aspects of your divorce.

Our firm is built to deliver that kind of personally tailored legal representation. Ultimately, we make it our goal to become your law firm for life. We want you to think of us as "your law firm."

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Whether you are in The Woodlands or another community in the Houston metropolitan area, call us at 281-990-3887 to get your free phone evaluation of your case. We can also be contacted by way of an email. Flat fees available for uncontested cases and assistance with forms.