Spring Texas Attorney Protecting Your Rights in Paternity Issues

When you are dealing with something as sensitive as a paternity issue, you do not want to be treated like a number. For that reason, people from throughout the Spring, Texas area turn to me for help. For more than a decade I have assisted clients in difficult personal situations. I will compassionately deliver the legal service you need while also aggressively protecting your rights in and out of the courtroom whenever necessary.

Understanding and Compassionate Legal Counsel

You can rely on me to help you with a wide variety of paternity scenarios. I assist women and men alike dealing with paternity issues.

These paternity issues include the well-known scenario of needing to establish the identity of a father for support purposes. Today, however, the scenarios we handle also involve unwed fathers wishing to protect their legal rights when it comes to raising their own children.

In all of these matters, you can depend on my legal judgment. My experience means I understand people as well as the law.

As a result, I know how to help you understand your legal options as well as how to choose from those options intelligently. Not every available legal solution is right for every single client. I will help you find the solutions that best fit your real life goals for your paternity case.

Call For A Free Initial Case Evaluation

I offer free initial case evaluations over the phone. Please call me at 281-990-2080. You can also contact us online about your legal needs. I am  prepared to help clients in Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands & all communities throughout the Houston metropolitan area.